Samsung is losing market mainstream devices

Samsung once slipped from the leading position of the Finnish Nokia, becoming the number one company in the world in the production of smartphones. What happened to Samsung in 2018? Statistics show that she is doing not very well. The reason is weak sales of mainstream devices of Galaxy series A. we Offer you to compare smartphones Koreans with devices of competitors in the same price segment. This will allow you to understand the main cause of the failures.

Statistics on sales of Samsung smartphones during the last 3 years are as follows:

Korean smartphones stopped buying, and in 2018, the stagnation and even replaced by a slight decline. In its report, analysts at IDC report that Note 9 was successful, and fully met expectations, problem Samsung is in the budget and mainstream phones. In this regard, however, it is possible to notice the results of the new policy of the company on implementation of the flagship features in a cheaper device, if you look at the new Galaxy A8s. The smartphone has a poster screen with a hole and gradient colors.

However, what Samsung has to offer? Let’s look at the competitors. First compare Galaxy A8 (2018) with Poco F1. The smartphone is greatly inferior to the Chinese. In Poco F1 6 GB of RAM, and the Galaxy A8 (2018) only 4 GB. In A8 Android 7.1, and Poco F1 have already started to upgrade to Android Pie. In Poco F1 better processor (Snapdragon vs Exynos 5, 845 in A8), better camera (16 MP 4K without at A8 vs 12 MP with support for 4K; moreover, in a recent test of the cameras of the flagships from Marcus brownie Poco F1 took second place after a Mate of 20 Pro), battery 1000 mAh more and internal memory of 64 GB, not 32. In this A8 (2018) is $ 20 more expensive Poco F1 (370 vs $ 350).

Now let’s compare A9 (2018) with OnePlus 6T. Both phones are $ 550. Screens devices the quality is comparable. In the first case, a 6.3-inch AMOLED FHD screen, in the case of 6T a 6.4-inch FHD AMOLED. In A9 (2018), use the Snapdragon processor 660, and 6T Snapdragon 845. Otherwise the devices are identical technically, unless you consider 4 cameras in A9 and more optimized software in OnePlus 6T. A9 6T slightly worse, but still worse, if we are talking about performance, appearance and optimization.

The problem for Samsung is that its smartphone average price category are inferior to the devices of competitors, but the problem is that users are willing to buy smartphones, Chinese manufacturers, as the quality of their products in recent years greatly increased.

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