Samsung is leading the reforms on the screen of the detailed Galaxy Fuld has been launched in June next

سامسونج تقوم بإصلاحات على شاشة ومفصل جالكسي فولد وقد تطلقه في يونيو القادم

Fell Samsung about the launch date of the Galaxy Fuld canceled its launch is supposed, on 26 April because of the problems suffered by phone while the reviews, which focused mainly in his screen and breakdowns inflicted by the removal of the protective layer in addition to the widening gap in the Joint during use.

In a new report from the Yonhap News in which he claimed that the site that Samsung will be installing outer protection layer to the screen Fuld collapsible body of the statute without allowing the possibility of removal with put the disclaimer is clear to the consumer that the protection layer is an essential part to remove it will lead to modify of the screen in full, as reported by the report that the reforms will hinge middle in the screen of the phone where the company will divide the resulting above and below it during the process of folding.

It is expected that the company re-set a date to launch the Galaxy Fuld in June next where it is now subject to the test on local networks in South Korea would be in full readiness before the launch of the New no.

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