Samsung is interested in using glass Ultra Thin Glass in her phone rollaway following


Energy plastic protective phone screen Galaxy Fold soft and easy to scratch. However, it has now released a new report from South Korean news agency ETNews suggests that Samsung is considering switching layer polyamide plastic layer Ultra Thin Glass in her smart phone next folding, which is expected to appear early next year.

A thickness of layer of the Ultra Thin Glass of about 0.1 mm only, this means that it is not more the thickness of a human hair. Difficult to manufacture, which makes their price high and yield is high. However, look layer Ultra Thin Glass much better than the polyamide must be more resistant to scratches although it is more prone to plastic.

It is reported that the phone rollaway leaders of the company Samsung will design a folding in the horizontal axis similar to the phones of psoriasis unlike phone Galaxy Fold the current fold in the vertical axis. Expected to be priced less than the price of the phone Galaxy Fold current, it will most likely be $ 1500 instead of the 1980 US$, which cost her the Galaxy Fold. It will be smaller also, it will have a screen size of 6.7-inch instead of 7.3 inches.

Anyway, there were reports that Samsung looking for using the glass the SCHOTT AG, which is synthesized using the method owned by the company DOWOO INSYS, a method which is considered more advanced than the manufacturing methods of competition by about 4 to 5 years.

It should be noted that other companies such as Corning and Asahi and NEG in turn on the bottle and its folding, but didn’t fire any of these companies have their products in the market.

Expected that the company Samsung detects phone by the second folding in the first quarter of next year. However, the company may modify the launch date according to the performance of the Galaxy Fold on the market. May abandon the Korean company for glass Ultra Thin Glass 0.1 in this phone also will continue to use the material polyamide again if the new article does not live up to expectations or if the rate of Return is too low.

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