Samsung is in big trouble – give screen Galaxy Fuld surprisingly!

Samsung is in big trouble, began the Korean company to send the first units of her phone rollaway Galaxy Fuld to specialists and channels for review last Monday, and now give four of these devices in the hands of the reviewers after only two days of use!

تعطل شاشات جالكسي فولد بشكل مفاجئ

Give screen Galaxy Fuld sudden

This problem appeared on the screen of a sudden, Where give screen Galaxy Fuld fully featured a big black spot covering more than half of the screen as we see in the pictures!

Spread each of the dieters Bohn of The Verge and Steve Kovach from the website of CNBC on their account the image of the stop devices Samsung Galaxy Fold their own for work during normal operation and after less than two days of use natural!

On the other side, some reviewers problem after trying to remove the protective layer on the screen, which it is possible to remove it in other phones.

As explained by Marques Brownlee in a tweet on Twitter explaining that this way the part of the screen and attempt to remove them caused the device to malfunction.

Samsung responded to the crisis give screen Galaxy Fuld abruptly:

For its part, Samsung tried to reassure their customers on the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, the company said in an official statement:

Been providing a limited number of samples of the Galaxy Fold amount of the audit, we received some reports on the screen of the main display in some devices, we will inspect these units individually to determine the cause of the problem.

Separately, informed some of the reviewers about trying to remove the top layer of the screen causing damage to the screen. Featuring Home screen in Galaxy Fold with a protective layer at the top, which is part of the structure screen designed to protect the screen from scratches, unintended and may lead to the removal of the protective layer or the addition of adhesives to the Home screen to the occurrence of the damage, I will make sure to convey this information clearly to our customers.

So far we don’t know the probability of recurrence of this problem with a larger number of users in the future, for the other side not exposed to the rest of devices Samsung Galaxy Fuld existing other reviewers said it works well.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

So we will have to wait until it is put Samsung Galaxy Fold for sale to see if this problem really or just a problem relating to defence sales.

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