Samsung is facing drop in profits in the first quarter of 2019

Availability Samsung low annual earnings up to 60.1%, despite the high sales of the phone section with the launch of the series Galaxy S10, except that the low demand for the products of the company from memory chips and led to the decrease of profits in the end.

Samsung’s Q1 2019 profits

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Samsung operating profits up to 6.23 trillion won, which decrease year by 60.1% in the period between January and march from the beginning of 2019, as confirmed Samsung that the reason for this decline in operating profit was attributed to the decrease of demand for memory chips and screens.

Also in the time in which Samsung’s strong sales of the Galaxy S10, except that the company recorded revenue 52.39 trillion won decrease each year by 13.4% .

By the last record of the Department of communications and networking services annual impairment increased by 4.39%, but Samsung expects that sales order and revenue in the second quarter of 2019 with high sales series S10, and also new versions of the A series, along with the new version of the phone is 5G.


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