Samsung is developing a humanoid-like robot

Modern robotics has already reached the point where more and more large companies pay attention to this sphere and join the race for the wallet of the ordinary consumer, trying to create a home robot. In this race, apparently, Samsung has also joined, which is developing Saram, a robot based on artificial intelligence.

At the moment, Samsung is already manufacturing industrial robots for its own plants, and Saram was primarily designed specifically for these purposes. As the press service informs, the robot manipulator will be used mainly for lifting and moving heavy objects in factory warehouses, however in the future its functions will be extended to be used as a home helper. To this end, Samsung even registered the trademark "Saram".

At the moment, Samsung is not ready to show its robot to the public, but now it has become known that it will have a function of uprightness on two legs and, most likely, it will use some innovative vertical walking technology that will allow the two-legged robot to maintain posture by adjusting the angle inclination of the ankle joint depending on environmental conditions like various obstacles and curvature of the surface. It can also be assumed that Saram will be used only as a test platform for the further production of humanoid home robots.

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