Samsung is committed to using 100 percent of renewable energy in two years

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Join Samsung to the list of technology companies that have committed to using 100% renewable energy. Some of these companies in its way to achieve its stated Samsung is now aiming to use 100% renewable energy in buildings, offices, factories and ancillary facilities in the United States, China and europe by the year 2020.

It will be the commitment of Samsung first in South Korea this year is the installation of approximately 42 thousand square meters of solar panels in the Samsung Digital City in the city of Suwon, where it is headquartered. Will add nearly 21,000 square meters of matrices of solar energy installations, geothermal power generation beginning next year at its headquarters in the city of Pyeongtaek, in the following year at its headquarters in Hwaseong.

Will these efforts of Samsung to increase their use of renewable energy at the global level to match the amount of energy equivalent to that produced by the solar plant at a rate of 3.1 GW by 2020. It will reveal the Samsung more details about its plans for renewable energy in the sustainability report in later this week.

It will also use renewable energy in its supply chain. Has committed to work with 100 of the largest partners starting next year to help meet the renewable energy goals established by the in collaboration with the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Program in which you intend Samsung join him in the next year.


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