Samsung is asking customers to pay money for updates

It is known that Samsung is the South Korean non-committed updates to Android, but this is slowly changing in recent years. Today the company announced their own version of some of its smart phones in the name of the “copy Business – Enterprise Edition”, with a full range of services designed to give customers more options and control and protection.

Their version will be available for the S10, S10e, Note 10, A10, and will further verification of settings and applications, allowing businesses to customize phones the employees plus the ability to update the OS of all the phones remotely.

The most interesting, is that Samsung says they guarantee 4 years of security updates for the phones, in addition to the challenge of the thirty two major versions of Android, while all the women are protected by a system Samsung Knox, which enables greater control in the settings and applications.

These features will cost you extra money, of course, because the regular version you get updates to new versions of the Android system rarely, as the security updates we receive for a short time.

Source: Samsung

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