Samsung invest more than 40 million in the nine

سامسونج تستثمر أكثر من 40 مليون في نيانتيك

According to a report on the site “The Inquirer” the famous British the company Samsung Korean has invested nearly $ 40 million in the company’s “nine” leading in the field of electronic games in order to get the version exclusive of games the police the identity of their class galaxy, and it is supposed to be announced full details of the transaction within the next few weeks which will contain some of the games pre-installed on phones Korean giant, according to the report.
It is considered the thing in the report that the company “site” intend to disclose the new version of the game the famous Harry Potter which will contain the possibility to use the smart pen from a company Samsung which is provided in the class notes SPen as a magic wand inside the game for spells. magical new interactive way which is adding new and exclusive phones the police, especially after the announcement of the American company “site” already put forward by the game “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” with the characteristics of augmented reality “Augmented Reality” in early 2019 the next.

I take it the mission that the amount of 40 million USD is the amount of a few on the exclusive games you get Samsung to the identity of their company size, “site” police the area for many successful games such as “Pokémon Go”, so it’s likely to carry the terms of the contract access Samsung new games exclusively for a specific period of time in addition to additional properties and full support for phones that are contract suitable for the article.

Depends come Samsung with the site in case of complete agreement is not surprising it has already collaborated Korean company with the company’s Epic software to provide a copy of the game by the famous Fortnite exclusively on the phones leading company such as the sheet 9 , the exponent of 9 which will not last long it has been for a few days before provided for the rest of the phones but keep support Samsung game by taking care of their physical for many advertising campaigns which are held for the game.

Designed Samsung of behind those exclusive agreements concluded by the distinction of its phones running the Android platform from the rest of the smart phones area from the rest of the companies especially after the high competition in the recent period between the companies.

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