Samsung introduced a SSD-drive with a capacity of 30 TB

Almost two years ago, South Korean company Samsung introduced a solid state drive (SSD) of 15.36 TB, intended for use in enterprise storage systems. And after 2 years, Samsung announces the release of a new drive, with a doubled capacity and performance.

The novelty in the 2.5-inch form factor of the new PM1643 series is based on 512-gigabit chips of 64-layer V-NAND flash memory (16 pieces in 32 modules), has a capacity of 30.72 TB and offers a speed of sequential read and write at the level of 2100 MB / s and 1700 MB / s, respectively. Performance in random access operations is 400,000 IOPS in read mode and 50,000 IOPS when writing. Samsung promises that the SSD is able to withstand daily data rewriting during all five years of the warranty period.

In addition to this monster, the new SSD series will feature "simpler" models: 15.36 TB, 7.68 TB, 3.84 TB, 1.92 TB, 960 GB and 800 GB.

The South Korean giant has not yet shocked the public at the price of a 30.72 TB drive, but given the cost of a 15.36 TB model at $ 10,000 at the start of sales, and the memory prices that have risen markedly since then (and do not forget the increased twice the volume), we can safely assume that the cost of the new SSD will be three or even four times higher.

Recall that two years ago, the American company Seagate Technology introduced a drive SSD volume of 60 TB , but the device so far and did not reach the market.

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