Samsung introduced 4 new apps to optimize Android smartphones

Cleaning, fixing, rolled back, all these manipulations are familiar to most Android users who have from time to time to hold them to make your smartphone run faster and longer. Of course, in the first year of the device on the basis of “green robot” trying to appear normal and work quite properly, but then the real trash: spontaneous reboots, slow running applications and the increased use of energy. Therefore, Samsung went and released a new utility to optimize their smartphones.

Samsung wants to make their smartphones better. So they released 4 new apps

Samsung has introduced a set of four applications of assistants in the framework of Galaxy Labs. Each of them has a narrow purpose responsible for the cleaning of memory, increase speed of running applications, the increase of autonomy and monitoring the quality of the battery. They will help users of brand new smartphones — even those that have ceased to receive the latest Android updates to work better than they worked before, tracking and stopping resource-consuming processes. Here they are:

Application to optimize smartphones

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Battery Guardian will check, what applications are running in the background and consume a lot of battery resources

Despite the fact that the Guardian and Battery Booster App seems to have a different purpose, in fact, work very similar. They check if the function application control, preventing background performing resource-intensive tasks that can lead to premature discharge of the battery and slow down your smartphone, spending more resources than they require to function normally.

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Battery Tracker will see which application consume the most energy

Battery Tracker acts as a regular Android tool to track processes that have the greatest load on the battery. It monitors which apps consume the most energy, generates reports, and presents you a detailed report for the past day or week. Thus it is possible to form quite a clear picture of the most resource-intensive programs and decide which ones should be used sparingly or it should be replaced by other, more energy-efficient.

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File Guardian is an advanced file Manager for Android Samsung

File Guardian is probably the most useful app on this list. Despite its name, it does not protect you from malicious files from the Internet, because it is, in fact, file Manager. Thanks to a Guardian File, you can not only delete the file garbage from the memory of your device by filtering by multiple parameters, and recover deleted data. It doesn’t matter what it is. APK file of the app you recently downloaded and accidentally deleted, or a photograph taken on vacation, but deleted due to lack of memory. However, whether the Guardian File to work with files that were deleted before the installation is unclear.

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Looking at these apps, it seems that Samsung is banal there was nothing to do, but because she decided to separate from the firmware One UI 2.0 four most useful utilities. However, on closer examination you begin to realize that this was a good idea, because now to take advantage of their functionality can not only the owners of the flagship smartphone with support of Android 10, but with older models that upgrade to the newest version of the operating system not getting any in the near future nor in the long term.

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