Samsung intends to teach his smart watch to measure your blood pressure

The vast majority of smart watches can measure heart rate, but only a few can measure blood pressure. To the measurement result in any sense untrue, accessory, in addition appropriate hardware and software base, requires more intimate contact with the body of the user, which in turn may cause discomfort when wearing. Samsung knows how to fix it.

According to GSMArena, Samsung Electronics is considering the idea of equipping a branded smart watch miniature pump that will bleed the air out of the strap, tightly holding the watch on the wrist of the user. Thus a built-in heart rate monitor will be able to more effectively analyze the hemodynamics (blood flow) converting the data obtained into information about the blood pressure.

The idea of using a heart rate monitor to measure blood pressure is not new. Recently it became known that Stanford University researchers together with experts of the developer of the app Cardiogram were able to calculate
blood pressure of the user based solely on the data of hemodynamics. You do not even need more dense than the daily wearing of contact hours with the wrist.

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