Samsung intends to show the screen The Sound on Display OLED display during CES 2019

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Company is Samsung Display Screen Sound on Display OLED, which claim the distinction of being able to offer sound experience without the need for speakers and traditional, during its participation at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 during the month of January next.

The South Korean company has unveiled technology that monitors Sound on Display OLED earlier than the current year, they are used to move this screen to the stage of commercial production, what means that they are able to the phones in soon.

They feature Screen The Sound on Display OLED on OLED screens other that used the vibrations of trafficking to bone to transmit sound in hardware, a technique used in other areas, but did not hit the screens yet.

The screen The Sound on Display OLED one of the ways that Samsung has been thinking about adoption for of the issue of the extrusion or cut, which has become a space-albeit small screens of smart phones the last. The company has provided some detail on this in the middle of the OLED from Samsung in China two months ago.

It was reported in May last that the company Samsung is ready to commercialize technology to OLEDs that emit sound in 2019. The latest report from South Korea which published on Wednesday that monitors Sound on Display OLED Samsung will be at CES 2019 which will be submitted during the period from 8 to 11 next January in Las Vegas.

It is expected that Samsung introduced the Sound on Display OLED on smartphones and TV sets. It is also expected that the issuance of products that include this technology later in the New Year.

It is believed that these screens will play an important role in the smartphone market, at a time when companies are trying to the phones hard to increase the maximum screen space and on the facades of the phones, and because it allows to get rid of the headset the ear, it may lead to giving space to additional companies. The screen is also Infinity-O will be a major trend in the year 2019.

It is indicated that LG was showing a prototype of the screen Crystal Sound OLED TV that offers the same technology at CES 2017. It is believed that industry companies. China intends to offer similar products at CES 2019. This and LG on the development of these screens for each of the personal computers and TVs, in addition to smart phones.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung think Display Screen Sound on Display OLED display during CES 2019

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