Samsung headset Galaxy Buds for some pre orders for Galaxy S10

Reveal the Korean giant this year for a new version of the wireless headsets Galaxy Buds in the conference hall, where Samsung offers the phone in a free some pre orders for Galaxy S10.

Galaxy Buds

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There is no doubt that gifts and presentations pre orders for phones possible source of attraction for many users, especially if the offer includes a headset new Samsung Galaxy Buds, with the opening of pre orders for phones and the upcoming Galaxy S10, Samsung will offer access to wireless speaker new free.

Have spotted this in Samsung’s position official in Russia, where it appeared some of the code announcement trailer of the Galaxy S10, which refers to this free offer Sky wireless with the phone, as projections indicate that this offer will be available in some other markets also.

Also confirmed this on start shipping the new versions of the Galaxy S10 users in the 8 of the month of March, with Prior reservation directly following the official announcement.

On the other hand did not confirm the delivery and whether this offer will be available three versions, or that Samsung will be exclusively the requests of the prior reservation, for Version top Galaxy S10 Plus, so we have to leave the conference a Samsung official to reveal all of the details that appeared in the leaks so far.


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