Samsung has the design of the phone is a foldaway bed you can wear it with your wrist

Smartphones and tablets two different products, but with the advent of phones bendy it became possible to collect them in one product, show patent the possibility of launching a product that combines smart phones and smart watches.

Where Samsung made in the patented device to bend vertically, unlike the Galaxy Fuld that flexes horizontally, it came with a screen flexible hinges specially designed, which covers most of the bottom of the device.

This specifications we can get the device for very long we can use it as a phone smart, and different, can roll around the wrist to as smart, which placed the Samsung magnet in the tip of the device to keep it in its development curve, as they supplied the device lock mechanism so as not to bend automatically during its use such as a smartphone.

In addition, the device comes with a fingerprint reader to the network, rear camera, dual, may be with dual camera front also, presumably that comes with the software to cope with the situation two different any smart phone and smart.

Since this is just a patent, there is no guarantee that Samsung will launch this device, and if that happens it won’t be before several years, but remains an interesting idea and future.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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