Samsung has started official sales of the Galaxy Fold in Russia

Despite all the difficulties and vicissitudes which confronted Samsung over Galaxy Fold, the company still managed to fix the design flaws of the machine and bring it to the sale. However, given the high cost and technological advancement of new products, the Koreans decided early on that they would be releasing it in limited numbers, to the unit was not stale in warehouses. After all, when bringing to market a device like this, you need to be ready for anything. But such caution did not prevent Samsung to start selling Galaxy Fold on the Russian market, where it is available for purchase, starting today.

Galaxy Fold already sold, including in Russia

Today, 25 October, Samsung began official sales of Galaxy foldable Fold in Russia. This event was preceded by a programme of pre-orders, which was to last three weeks, but ended after only two days due to the fact that the entire stock of smartphones, designed for our market, sold out. However, to satisfy all consumers who want to buy Galaxy Fold, the company arranged for the supply of an additional batch of smartphones. Its value is not disclosed, but clarifies that the reason for this was the unexpectedly high demand.

Where to buy Galaxy Fold

Buy Galaxy Fold over the Internet is impossible. For this you need to apply directly to the store

Samsung does not offer the possibility to place an order for Galaxy Fold through the website of its online store, and the only way to get a new product for Russian customers is the visit of the shop of the company. However, the number of retail pavilions brought in Galaxy Fold, is also very limited. At the time of publication of the material of such places in Moscow there are only nine. In some regions, apparently, the device did not deliver at all. Therefore, in order to buy it, specify the presence in the branded Samsung store in your city.

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Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which is sold in Korea and the USA, the Russian sample is not equipped with a support 5G. But who cares, if we have this standard has not yet formally valid? It turns out that Samsung has allowed users from Russia to save a little, because the instance-enabled networks of the fifth generation is more expensive. The rest of the device is completely identical to foreign models. It even has a Snapdragon 855, although usually in domestic instances of Samsung Exynos chip sets. Memory all too well – here RAM 12 GB, and built-in – 512.

In the Galaxy Fold

To emphasize the premium nature of the product, Samsung has supplied the Galaxy Fold Royal package. In addition to the smartphone in the box put wireless headphones Galaxy Bud, a power supply unit with support for fast charging and a Kevlar case, looking at which you begin to doubt that he will keep the machine in the fall. Rather, here he plays a cosmetic, rather than a protective role. But that didn’t matter, because Samsung offers all buyers Galaxy Fold a voucher for a preferential replacement of the display, which will cost about 10 thousand to 40 thousand with a standard replacement.

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The official release of the Galaxy Fold in Russia really means a lot to consumers. The fact that the manufacturer’s recommended retail price of the smartphone is equal to 159 990 rubles, while grey retailers were selling the phone for 200 thousand. It was quite natural, given that until now other opportunities for Russian users to buy the Galaxy Fold is simply not there. But now, when sales started officially at serovatov will not be able to wring these prices and they will lower them.

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