Samsung has started accepting pre-orders for Galaxy A8s with a “hole” in the screen. The price will surprise you

Samsung Electronics has started taking pre-orders on the Galaxy A8s, the company’s first smartphone with display, made by technology of Infinity, O. It has a completely symmetrical design, but it has a cut-out island-style in which the manufacturer put the front camera lens. This solution allows to increase the usable area of the display without compromising the appearance and functionality of the device.

Unlike traditional campaigns, pre-order, order Galaxy A8s is possible only on the court There is a smartphone available at the price of 2999 yuan, which when converted to Russian currency is approximately equal to 30 thousand rubles. This is a very democratic price, considering the breakthrough technology of the displays, which Samsung has used in the development of the smartphone. However, while Galaxy A8s will get to Russia, its price may increase by 15-20%.

Display Galaxy A8s

Galaxy A8s has a display with a diagonal of 6.4 inches, and more typical for the phablet, than traditional smartphones, and a resolution of Full HD. Interestingly, in this model, Samsung decided to depart from the rules to equip branded smartphones from high-end AMOLED panels have relied on the LCD. It was probably a forced decision, because otherwise the company would not design a “perforated” matrix.

Galaxy A8s — features

Hardware smartphone is not a flagship, it is able to give odds to many devices from the same price category. Based Galaxy A8s is the Snapdragon processor 710, 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal memory depending on the configuration. However, buy while you can only little modification. The older version is still available for order and, apparently, will appear on sale not earlier than next year.

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