Samsung has seriously increased the autonomy of the Galaxy S10 in the latest update

Not to make things worse – that is the postulate used by Apple developers, working on the next iOS update. However, as practice shows, often the installation does not work, which leads to mass discontent of iPhone users whose smartphones begin to suffer from problems with autonomy. Ironically, on Android, which is why it is considered less stable platform than iOS, everything is exactly the opposite. And Samsung is the best example.

The April security patch, which was released to Samsung flagship devices Galaxy S the tenth generation, has brought not only fix vulnerabilities and minor bugs, but also a significant upgrade of autonomy. Especially the significant increase of working time from single charge note owners Galaxy S10+. If your average time of work of the screen was barely over 20 hours, now very close to 30, indicating the magnitude of the work done.

How many Galaxy S10 works by charging

Most likely, the reason for the increase is the optimization of some functions of the operating system that, until the updates consume significantly more resources and would not allow Galaxy S10+ to demonstrate its full potential. This is confirmed by the reduction of the energy consumption process of the Android System. The result is, as you can see on the screenshots, has led to the fact that after installing the update, the smartphone holds a charge much better than previous build One UI.

Along with the increase in the autonomy of the Galaxy S10+, this month Samsung to seriously work on the speed of recognition of fingerprints of the flagship smartphone. As studies have shown, the devices began to read the pattern up to four times fasterthan before, removing the lock for a split second. It is no less important an innovation than the increase of autonomy, which has changed the presentation of the Galaxy S10 owners about the convenience and prospects of ultrasonic technology of fingerprinting.

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