Samsung has reduced the usefulness of memory card for Galaxy S9 to Android 9 Pie

Samsung Electronics has removed the feature Adoptable Storage for Galaxy S9 and S9+, allowing you to combine onboard storage smartphone memory cards MicroSD, Android 9 Pie. This drew the attention of the users authorized to update. The disappearance of the function of the firmware flagship smartphones, could mean that in the foreseeable future, its effect will be limited for all compatible devices belonging to the Galaxy lineup.

Adoptable Storage first appeared with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and immediately received the approval of the users positively evaluate the new concept for memory allocation. Thanks to the Adoptable Storage users of Samsung smartphones to use internal and external memory as a holistic storage. It is possible to install applications and download media files on the integrated disk, working on a seamless basis.

Where is a function of Adoptable Storage

According to representatives of Samsung, remove Adoptable Storage, it was decided for two reasons. First, the company began to offer users branded smartphones a sufficient amount of internal memory by default. And, secondly, the maintenance function had a negative impact on the performance of compatible devices. The fact is that most memory cards are significantly slower than the built-in SSD, slowing down the performance of many tasks.

However, the majority of users interviewed by the publication SamMobile, quite calmly reacted to the news about the removal of the feature Adoptable Storage of firmware One UI. According to them, they never resorted to its use, and therefore will not even notice its disappearance in the future. Special indifference demonstrated by the owners of flagship devices, which by default is 64 to 512 GB of memory.

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