Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S10 exclusive function of iPhone 11

Up, or as they say in civilized society, adaptation of foreign ideas – absolutely standard practice for the smartphone market. Almost all manufacturers are looking toward competitors and their ideas, trying to implement something similar at home. After all, if you do not, frustrated users will take and go to a less principled but more caring vendor. So sometimes it is better to copy the innovation, which is thought of competitors, than to regret that this was not done on time.

Slope is like a selfie, only on video and slowly

Added Samsung firmware Galaxy S10 support shooting slope, which originally appeared in the new iPhone 11. This is a short video, shot in slow motion mode on the front camera of the smartphone. Due to the fact that they allow to capture not a static image, but a series of consecutive frames, it is considered that in this way you can more effectively portray its current state. This is very useful when communicating in instant messengers, when you can send slope instead of self, passing a greater range of emotions to the listener.

What’s new in One UI 2.0

Support slope Galaxy S10 came with the release of the October security update. However, for some reason the option of shooting slow-motion selfie video was not for everyone. Perhaps Samsung is simply testing the innovation, and therefore chose to limit its spread by users from several countries. Most likely, this is true because a similar opportunity appeared in One UI 2.0, built on the basis of Android 10. Therefore, when the trials end, the innovation will appear in IOS as a default feature.

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In fact, it is difficult to imagine that Kofi will replace the selfie. However, in Cupertino believe that this is possible, and therefore even the respective trademark was filed, having rights to its use. Moreover, Apple is very actively using this term in the description of the capabilities of the new iPhone and is not even afraid to translate it on Russian language, obviously, trying to make sure that he went to the people. Well, if the term “slope” will always be the people at the hearing, it will be easier to promote, turning it into a cult phenomenon.

Why slope

Why it took Samsung? Most likely, that is what I said in the beginning. Koreans had corny not to their liking, what is primitive, at first glance, but potentially popular innovation has been able to implement them, and the company-competitor. And okay it was someone like Huawei or Xiaomi – then Samsung probably didn’t even pay attention to it. But once Kofi invented the Apple, which knows a lot about good innovations and have proven to be in the spotlight, the Koreans have decided that it is better to copy the new shooting mode just for the sake of it was.

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Whether slope to enjoy the same popularity as selfe? As a tool for stories on social networks like Instagram or Snapchat maybe. However, to expect that a short video will replace the selfie photos, I would not. Still slope suggests some movement on the part of someone who portrays themselves as a selfie due to the static nature of more versatile and less demanding on the content.

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