Samsung has developed a technique of fabricating a video clip full of picture of one

Imagine that someone creates a video clip complete you by one photo taken from your account to Twitter or Facebook. Fortunately, the bad guys don’t have this technology in their hands yet, but South Korea’s Samsung has developed a technology that allows them to achieve this.

Samsung that rely on artificial intelligence are creating video clips fabricated to make people like Do or say things I didn’t say they never. So is getting a video clip of someone talking about a certain thing, and take your photo and doctored the video like you’re saying a word that he says his This person, with facial expressions and movement, like a real video.

Usually require these projects have large sets of data and images to create a falsification of reality, but Samsung new can create a video doctored and fake, by feeding it just that one picture.

Technique of course can be used for fun, like bringing the image of the MonaLisa forms and placements are different, but the downside is the risk of misrepresentation and playing fraud, the use of this technique for political purposes such as the dissemination of a video clip to someone as if to say something, why say it at all.

Although technically Samsung can fail in some aspects and can be spotted a few visual glitches, but these results as a whole is another step in the development of the techniques of the Treaty on artificial intelligence, and lead to the creation of useful content video is indistinguishable in the end from the video clips of the real, a technique can call it Photoshop video!

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