Samsung has designed a phone foldaway bed camera removable

After exposed in the last month of the first phones bendy Galaxy Fuld, which will be available in limited quantities and the price of the expensive capacity of 1,980 USD, recorded Samsung recently patented in the United States smart phone is a foldaway bed in three parts and contains a slot can be mounted removable camera.

Recall that several other companies revealed or work on the phones are bending, like dead. X of Huawei’s design is different, it is also expected to launch other companies such as Shaw, my Motorola and ZTE phones in the coming months, and if Samsung have a phone others are to bend so different from the Galaxy Fuld which will improve user experience significantly in the coming period.

Returning to the patent, this phone the midwife to bending may not see the light of day anytime soon, given its design it has a detailed, and they seem to resemble the ones used by Samsung in its Galaxy Fuld, instead they are closer to used in dead X, it is clear that the camera stands out significantly when installed.

But the real benefit of the camera removable is the installation of lens multi-purpose, where reference is made to the patent to that it can be used as a camera stereoscopic three-dimensional, which the company believes it is a good idea, unfortunately, although the phone on the internal camera of its own but it can serve as a front camera, the camera removable for the core and film studios.

And the patent also suggests the possibility of connecting the phone to other devices, you can use it in cars and bikes and also wearable through the hole you can mount the camera removable, and certainly design a bit weird but owning a phone can communicate with a myriad of devices directly look fantastic in theory, but you must keep in mind that we live in the Golden Age of wireless connectivity.

Source: foldable news

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