Samsung has delayed the early start of sales of Galaxy foldable Fold

It seems that Apple has done right as ever, refusing to join in the competition for speed release foldable smartphones. The technology of flexible screens has been so imperfect that even Samsung, which led its development for eight years, was forced to delay the early release of its Galaxy Fold. It’s on his page on Twitter confirmed insider Ice Universe. According to him, Samsung has decided to cancel the holding of two events dedicated to the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China, transferring them indefinitely.

The decision to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold so far applies only to China. This is due to the fact that the smartphone should appear on sale on April 24. But, probably due to the low reliability of the displayreported by several it browser, Samsung went to desperate measures, postponing the conclusion of a novelty in Chinese retail. The announcement surprised many users because just a few days ago Samsung claimed that the launch will take place in a regular mode.

Why cancel the launch of the Galaxy Fold

According to one version, Samsung intends to conduct an emergency inspection of all instances of the Galaxy Fold. The benefit due to the fact that, to date, released an extremely limited batch of smartphones, a re-assessment procedure quality will be quite real. But the problem is not that. If Samsung determines that part (more or less) Galaxy Fold suffer from problems with the quality of the display, the Koreans will have to rerun the Assembly line, but this time in order to correct mistakes.

According to another version, Samsung is delaying the release in order to provide all Galaxy Fold markings about the need to maintain the protective film pasted at the factory. She, as it turned out, is a required component of the smartphone, which protects its screen from damage. Its removal, as a time to make sure few journalists will almost certainly lead to the appearance of the lesions and the early display output from the system.

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