Samsung give us a look behind the scenes of how you choose to do its own hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note8

It is known for the products of the company Samsung, it has high quality, and in the case if you decide to take a look at the tests conducted by the South Korean company those products behind the doors before it is offered for sale in the market of consumers you will realize that it makes sense. In fact, I’ve decided Samsung to reveal to us today about the range of tests conducted on their products before presenting it to consumers, here are below some of those tests :

  • 1 – lab quality photos


Tests are performed in controlled conditions trying to all places interior and exterior models using the gradient of real-life problems. Could take the system of artificial sunlight camera from Test Day to test night, there are specific scenarios such as the street lit fire.

Take group also phones out for a photographic realism. In the end, is to assess the brightness and clarity of color, the noise of the image and other factors.

2 – Laboratory of heat


In this test, is to run heavy games or run the camera for a long time, and after that follow the heat generated by smart phones is carefully monitored by thermal cameras. Not only the amount of heat, but where it comes from also.

  • 3 – Lab water resistant


Possess many of the Galaxy rating of IPX8, so it is immersed in a water depth meter and a half for half an hour. Is testing smart watches wear Samsung’s smart in the higher levels to ensure resilience in the face of pressure resulting from the race.

  • 4 – laboratory tests falling


This is a test familiar, and in this test, as all of you probably know dropping the phones from various heights and at various angles to discover the weak areas in hardware. Provide cameras with a higher frame rate guides on how to make the device more powerful.

  • 5 – lab cross.


Following this laboratory drop tests, but it is also testing the ability of the device to resist damage to the user, he presses repeatedly on the buttons and uses a lot of ports like the charging port and headphone port, and opens and closes the drawers of SIM cards. There’s even a Test try of the owner sitting on the phone when it’s in my back pocket.

  • 6. the laboratory test environment


Not enough pressure on the buttons will change the shape of buttons with temperature and moisture? I have a Samsung users in all environments, so try these tests products from all over the world. Staff is being the buttons to provide some feedback to a real human.

  • 7 – Photo Lab


With the help of puppets and computers, this lab examines everything related to health, ranging from contact ( either talk on the phone itself or by using wireless headphones ) down to the ringtones. The tests carried in two rooms, the first increase external noise, the second Alliance of a real environment.

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