Samsung get the brand ” Galaxy Fold“, most likely for its folding

Samsung Galaxy Foldable 3

When Samsung revealed on her smart phone rollaway in the last month, we didn’t know a lot of things about this phone except that it will have a folding screen type AMOLED. This lack of information included technical specifications of the device, price, and launch date, name, although the latter seem a little obvious, thanks to the brand last offered Samsung to get them.

According to the demand of newly discovered, it appears that Samsung made a formal request to get the brand ” Galaxt Fold “. There is currently no way to ascertain whether this is the name that will Samsung on its smartphone folding, but in case if Samsung is planning to launch a laptop computer as part of a series of Galaxy devices, it is not difficult to imagine that the police release the name of the Galaxy Fold on her smart phone rollaway.

The devices were experimental prior to purchase Samsung’s own names are very clear. For example, when the company launched the phone its first smartphone with curved screen launched by the name of Galaxy Round. Although it wasn’t a name exciting, but it did a good job in conveying what she wanted the company to know its consumers.

As we have said, We don’t know much yet about the Samsung rollaway, but we heard that it may cost up to 2500 USD when it reaches the market next year. Due to the fact that this phone will be available in limited numbers, as well as because of the Advanced Technologies is very used in this device.



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