Samsung Galaxy S8 gets an update

Samsung Galaxy S8

Users of flagship smartphones Samsung, including the Galaxy S8, expect updates until the next version of the operating system — Android Pie. After all, with the new OS allow users to get access previously unavailable functions, not to mention the improved stability and efficiency of the mobile device. So every time report smart phone updates, users hope that it will significantly expand the capabilities of the device, although this is not always the case.

It is known that the smartphone Samsung, which will receive an upgrade to Android Pie, instead of the shell will Experience UI One UI. According to the previously appeared in the Network information, the Galaxy S8 — including those smart phones from the market leader of devices in this category, who will transition to the latest version developed by Google’s mobile operating system. However, the next update, get Samsung Galaxy S8, which was considered by Jordan (Yordan) on the resource page gsmarena.comthat is somewhat disappointing because it does not contain not only the new OS, but even the next security patch.

With the next update Galaxy S8 not received any of the Android Pie, nor the December security patch

Обновление Galaxy S8

Version consider software upgrades to one of the former flagman Samsung — G950FXXU4CRKG / G950FOXM4CKR1 / G950FXXU4CKR1. Its volume is 451 MB. According to the changelog, this update provides stability improvements and bug fixes.

Обновление Galaxy S8

However, we are talking about “new and/or expanded functions” and “further improve performance”.

Обновление Galaxy S8

All these words, of course, sound great, but users of Galaxy S8 now waiting for major updates to the operating system. Security patch for Galaxy S8 remains the same — as of November 1, 2018, although it is close to the middle of December.

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