Samsung Galaxy S10 with the technique of high-speed freight and improvements in battery

Confirmed the several leaks recently that Samsung is on its way to bring fast-charging technology in the Galaxy S10, as that the giant Korean support enabled versions this year with more improvements in battery life.Galaxy S10 -charger

Care Samsung this year with a lot of detail in the series of Galaxy S10 Cairo on the 20th of February, along with a distinctive design with a hole of the screen, raised several leaks about the fast charging technology which offers versions this year.

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And I’ve already spotted some leaked images during the past period that reveal the charging unit watch it go back to the Galaxy S10 as projections, where you show some data to the charging unit which indicates support for charging 12V/2.1 A, along with support effort to 9V and 5V charging.

So it is planned to support the shipping unit that appears in the photos which you know بTA300 capacity of 25.2 W for any shipment of high-speed phones Galaxy S10, except that the validity of these leaks confirmed by Samsung in the next conference.

And leaks other posted on the site gsmarena pointed out that Samsung has adopted recently wireless charger for Galaxy S10 in the FCC come with power 15W, which is now known to code EP-P5200, where reveal wireless charging module for the significant improvements in the technique of wireless charging in the Galaxy S10 base.

Galaxy S10 wireless charger

Also supports this wireless charger 12V/2.1 A, any improvements from the previous version of 60%, also comes the ability to correspond with charger Samsung possible to wire the current which comes to the capacity 9V/1.67 A across the wire, so you may not give up the capacity of the wireless charger or wired 15W in versions of Samsung this year.

On the other hand referred the report of the Ice Universe to that Samsung will have significant improvements in battery capacity for each version of the versions this year, as well as includes phones technically better cooling for the batteries, where it is expected to reach the capacity of the batteries this year in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 to 4000 mAh or 4100 mAh.


I know of

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