Samsung Galaxy S10 has sensor mark built the company

سامسونج جالكسي S10 القادم يملك مستشعر بصمة مدمج بالشاشة

Dart had a lot of expectations over the past two years about intention of Samsung to launch a version of its phones Galaxy S and Nokia sensor fingerprint built the network, but it launched the Galaxy S8 وS9 as well as the Note 8 and 9 without including any of them this feature, but according to XDA , the Samsung Galaxy S10 will certainly sensor fingerprint Compact Network according to the analysis of development of payment Samsung Pay.

In the latest developments and leaks about phone showed the XDA website, screen shots showing the process of analysis to develop a payment over the phone “Samsung Pay” revealed to contain a copy of at least phones S10 to be launched next February on the sensor fingerprint built-in screen; and by tracing some of the references in the app that showed the window to confirm the payment processes via the sensor either through the app or even through the sites of direct payment that supports this property as the pictures show the following:

While never the site of any of those women exactly who will enjoy this property and be different from her sisters, but Dart rumors during the last period that the Galaxy S10 cheaper will have the fingerprint side and the name of the Galaxy S10E, to the sensor built-in the screen option either for the main or other larger which probably will be the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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