Samsung Galaxy Note9: why it is good, but many are unhappy?

Not sure that today someone really interesting to read reviews of smartphones or laptops, so we do not reviews and opinions. After all, the characteristics and their descriptions can be viewed on GSMarena, and a hundred other places, but for me personally it would be much more useful just to read a few thoughts from someone who has used the device. So I’ll share my thoughts about Galaxy Note9.

And so, the ninth Note is the logical evolution after the eighth plan, the smartphone did not radically new, and the owners Note8 you can walk with your smartphone for another year. Although I have updated and I’ll explain later why. Externally, the differences are very few, main the back, where the scanner is now under the camera, for which many thanks. The rest of the display has grown from 6.3″ to 6.4″, but the size of the device is practically not changed. Well, new colours, including yellow stylus that, to me, is a very cool branding thing.

Inside, the changes are much bigger: a new processor, depending on region or 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon or Exynos 9810, both of 10 Nm, the basic version has 128 GB of storage on Board and top – of- 512 and 8 GB of RAM! Came stereo speakers, stylus pens not only colorful, but also with Bluetooth, and most importantly – I finally have Note normal autonomy! For the first time in the series the smartphone has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

Here’s the most important technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note9

  • Dimensions: 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm;
  • Weight: 201 g;
  • Operating system: Android 8,1;
  • Display: 6,4-inch, 2960×1440, Gorilla Glass 5;
  • Processor: Exynos or Snapdragon 845 8910;
  • Video accelerator: Mali-Adreno G72 MP18 or 630;
  • RAM: 6 or 8 GB;
  • ROM: 128 or 512 GB;
  • Camera: dual, main module 12 MP, f 1.5 and 2.4, the second module 12 MP, f 2.4, LED flash;
  • Front camera: 8 MP, 1.7 f;
  • Battery: 4000 mAh;
  • Interfaces: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi (802.11 ac), Bluetooth 5.0 LE, GPS, NFC;
  • Other: USB Type C (USB 3.1), fingerprint scanner, two slots for SIM-cards.

Who suddenly wasn’t following our site or channel, I do reviews of all generations of Galaxy Note, which existed, including Note7, which turned out to be a failure of a company. And some were a long time my main smartphones in use, and indeed it is one of my favorite innovations of the year.

Let’s start with the main cost. The smartphone costs a lot, it’s one of the most expensive non-exclusive flagships on the market, it can be except that iPhone X to oppose. The price in Ukraine is UAH 35000, which is about $ 1,300. And the question I want to close quickly: no money, do not need such an expensive smartphone or you don’t understand why he is so worth it – everything is OK, just don’t buy it! I know exactly what you give the money, and don’t understand why this smartphone should be cheap. It’s the flagship with all the available categories of technologies on the market: here are all the ways to unlock slot for memory cards and two slots for SIM (one hybrid), 3.5 mm headphone Jack, then the best camera, display, has moisture-proof, good sound and generally everything you could want. So Yes, there is, what to pay, but no one do not make. I’d rather tell you about what I am most pleased, and that on the contrary upset.


Finally, a huge Galaxy Note can be called Autonomous smartphone! I was sure that 4000 mAh is good but stars in the sky smartphone will not suffice. And as it turned out, all very well: the autonomy Note9 almost identical to the Huawei P20 Pro. We examine it in Checkedd, soon the video will be on the channel, but the numbers are already there. After running our standard test Galaxy Note9 showed a 31% charge. Huawei P20 Pro – 37%, iPhone 8 Plus exhausted prior to the completion of the test, SGS9 Plus passed him, but there was only 4% charge. So I carried out serious.

The S-Pen

I use Note9, as Notepad. Every commercial proposal I first painted by hand in Notepad, so it’s easier to count and play with numbers. Now I just started an electronic Notepad and write there. It’s convenient because I never need to call someone in the office that he found in a paper Notepad something, everything is always at hand.

But it has been done before, but the new functionality the stylus has pleased me much more. Now in stylus built energy-efficient Bluetooth module in order to use the stylus to control certain functions of the smartphone. For example, I recently conducted a workshop on their experience of using the Galaxy Note and decided to check how the management of the stylus in presentations. Here are a few screenshots from stories with this presentation, no other photos, sorry.

But for me it was a great case, and I will continue to use for presentations. What I did: I made a presentation of 42 slides on the computer, just in case he took it, but went to the speech, being committed to make a presentation directly from your smartphone. Otherwise what for to me all these things? I must say, the presentation was for Samsung and was a commercial, but nobody asked me to use this feature, I myself was very interesting. Therefore, already at the location I just opened the Galaxy Note9 menu of the share screen, selected the TV and ran it again on the wireless.

After that I discovered pre-installed on smartphone PowerPoint, opened his presentation and just clicked the stylus back and forth. Moreover, as the work is carried out by BT, I was able to move away from the smartphone meters on 8-10, and the connection was instant. It is very convenient, there is no feeling chips for chips. And I said directly during the presentation that there is a small battery and over time it may discharge that occurred at the 40th minute. But 40 seconds of the stylus in the smartphone loads it almost completely, so I shoved him, said a few sentences and continued to flip through the slides. As for me, great functionality. Especially considering the fact that I’m more than a month were travelling through Ukraine with Canon and was told about the photo. That’s where it would be cool to show all right from your smartphone. Anyway, the train was modified a presentation, right stylus, you have something to finish, to operatewith and so on, and once on a gig. Of course, this case is not for everyone, but a certain number of people will be useful.


I believe very much in the mode Dex, although not exactly with him, but the concept in General. I really believe that the only computer the average person needs to be a smartphone! Arrived at the office, connect to the screen and work in desktop mode. With all files with all data sologianni uchitomi and so on. Given the amount of internal memory in smartphones (here up to 1 TB) and the existing performance is not the future anymore but a reality. I have a few days spent in this mode and he is certainly not without flaws, but among all the competitors the best. No longer need a special Doc, just stick perechodnik in USB Type-C or a suitable cord, and Dex will run on the connected screen. In contrast to the same solutions in Huawei, then you are free to run and Play Market, and any app and changing languages on your external keyboard the usual combination. It’s all very convenient, and 90% of the work I can do in this mode.


From shortcomings I can note several. The back of the scanner, not under the screen is such a gap for the future to the thing with the pump to provide the Galaxy S10 or whatever it was called. But the problem is that the Chinese have already started to put in their not the most expensive smartphones have scanners below the screen, it can play a cruel joke with Samsung.

Well, not much I understand why the camera has not changed compared to SGS9+. Yes, she’s still one of the best on the market, but wish the camera was with the optical zoom of 3X, instead of 2X. This is hotlock, of course, especially in this case, the camera is not the main focus of this smartphone, but the top-end and expensive device all I want to see a little bit better than everyone else.

In the end, as in previous years, Note9 Galaxy is the smartphone that I want to go after the iPhone. And this year – almost the only Android smartphone that causes such desire, because everyone else got sick. Foreseeing possible questions about the version with Snapdragon 845, I didn’t have this smartphone and I can not compare. But I don’t think the difference is sure to be striking. Yes, in some generations it was felt strongly, for example, when the Note3 on Snape could shoot video in 4k, and axinos no, but the company develops its processors and, I hope, their characteristics should be comparable.

Video Review Samsung Galaxy Note9

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