Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — new photos


Samsung will present Galaxy Note 9 soon. Two new photos of the device. That he may have become the most anticipated flagship of this summer.

Coming August 9, when the light will see the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and various new details about him appear on the Network almost every day. This time two new photos. One of them shows the screen with an open section About the Settings menu. The second rear panel and the new location of the fingerprint scanner. Images were reviewed by Vlad (Vlad) on the resource page with reference to

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — front and back panel

Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Consider the pictures didn’t show anything new about the upcoming release of the phone. They were only “additional confirmation” of those details that are known about the model SM-N960, which probably will become the long-awaited Galaxy Note 9.

Noticeable redesign of the upper rear panel (compared to the Note 8) — fingerprint scanner is located under the horizontal block on which are placed two lenses of the main camera, led (LED) flash and heart rate monitor.

It seems that the camera is characterized by a tunable diaphragm, which, however, will not be a surprise, given that the Galaxy Note 9 expect the same camera module, which has found application in a Galaxy S9+.

Difference Galaxy Note Galaxy 9 from S9+

Among the differences from Galaxy S9+ wait a few more screen size, S Pen stylus (with Bluetooth), and a higher capacity battery rumored 4,000 mAh battery.

In Telegram chat readers can discuss the upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 9 Samsung.

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