Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S9 get update camera. What has changed?

In the second half of November, users of Galaxy S9 found an interesting novelty in the beta version of the Android Pie. The flagship of Samsung has learned to imitate the chin in the display. Cutout can be placed in the corner and in the center, and to make it a double — top and bottom. Therefore, the company certainly hints at the presence of recesses in the anniversary Galaxy S10 and prepares us for such a design course. Now came the turn and more useful updates. S9 and Galaxy Note 9 has been updated to camera.

The update has been the updated version of the Android Pie, according to SamMobile. Fresh operating system fixed a few important bugs. In addition, developers have worked on the camera interface — it became more clear and intuitive.

The most notable change is the navigation options. The Samsung developers decided to focus on functions image optimization, also known as Scene Optimizer. Recall, we are talking about identifying the subject of the photograph and the corresponding parameters of the frame. The system is able to identify trees, flowers, mountains, space, text, and other.

Now the feature has disappeared from the string modes and got a special icon in the bottom right corner. The left screenshot you can see the latest beta-version, on the right — new one.

Users can go on to turn the feature on and get improved results. It looks like the active image enhancement. In this case, the mode landscape mode.

Changes Galaxy Note Galaxy 9 and S9. Recall that the shell is One-based UI for Samsung Android Pie features lots of improvements. For example, there is a dark mode, which you can see here. Moreover, the system is able to block changes to the desktop. This will prevent users from accidental movement of icons and widgets.

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