Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with pictures of the screen the Sound on Display !

Out every day new leaks about the Samsung flagship product the Galaxy Note 10, of which are confirmed with time, including What prove to be incorrect, one of the latest of these leaks turn the audio technology of Screen Sound on Display.

سامسونج جالكسي نوت 10 سيأتي بتقنية الصوت من الشاشة Sound on Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with pictures of the screen the Sound on Display

As we all know, will come Samsung Galaxy Note 10 design the front camera in the middle of the screen inside a small hole with the edges very accurate to the phone in all directions, especially the top edge that don’t follow headphones ear any way.

This unique design led the settlement account of the famous UniverseIce to say that the technique of Sound on Display will replace the earpiece in Galaxy Note 10, where the movement is a wave of electricity integrated picture to the user’s ear through the screen, as seen in some Samsung phones such as Galaxy M40 , but with the flagship Note 10 it would be more accurate and more sophisticated camera.

Samsung a while ago on the development of sound technology of the screen, the company offered for the first time the technique of this photo in the middle of the Samsung OLED in China last year, as presented by the company back in CES 2019 in January, and now it’s time to see better where I’ve gotten. Samsung in this area.

The launch date of the Galaxy Note 10 :

Were previous leaks have pointed to the identification of the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10, on 10 August, but the latest news indicated on August 7, instead, will be confirmed deadline from the company soon.

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