Samsung Galaxy Fuld up to the markets to become the first foldable phone is available for purchase !

Succeeded Samsung has officially become the first company to launch the first foldable phone globally, in less than two weeks from now will be thrown Galaxy Fuld in the market for sale along with the phones to the other company, to become the first smart phone is available for purchase in the world!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Phone Samsung Galaxy Fold possible combines the specification of the tablet and smartphone in one device, through two screens, one large internal and small external can navigate between them with ease, or even a split screen of the interior to become three screens working together at once.

Galaxy Fuld’s first foldable phone is available for purchase:

Although the Galaxy Fuld is not the first foldable phone for where ever phone FlexPai at the end of 2018, and it came after Huawei Mate X , but that phone Samsung rollaway is the first phone of its kind available in markets and users can get it and own it.

جالكسي فولد أول هاتف قابل للطي متاح للشراء

Galaxy Fuld’s first foldable phone is available for purchase

Will be produced the device in limited quantities first, but it will be available in more than one country or countries directly through days at the price of 1980 dollars, the phone began to access already to the hand of reviewers interested in the affairs of the technical submission and evaluation reviews.

Difficult to produce Galaxy Fold because of the way it folds out, however, Samson is now has already its foldable ready to use, while not providing the Huawei after a specific date to prove that she is capable of manufacturing phone folding in large quantities.

Galaxy Fold features an external display measuring 4.6 inches and an internal measurement of 7.3 inches on the body of the articulated talking thousands of folds presented by Samsung in the video earlier, and you can check out the specifications of the machine full of here.

Tell us in the comments, do you notify someone to get the first foldable phone in the world?

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