Samsung : Galaxy Fold is ready for the divorce

سامسونج : هاتف Galaxy Fold جاهز للطرح في الاسواقSamsung : Galaxy Fold is ready for the divorce.

Samsung : Galaxy Fold is ready for the divorce.

Not going to plans, the first foldable phone of the Samsung company as it was planned, it has been revealed review first phone for the presence of defects in the screen folding, causing in the decision of the Korean giant to postpone the launch of the phone to a date yet to be determined ever, even now.

According to reviewers who received advance copies of the phone Galaxy Fold , it has been prone to collect dust between the layers of the screen, which may lead to damage of the screen said that the phone, as that pressure is equal on the screen when in the folded position may also have contributed to the occurrence of problems.

Finally, after a long wait, vice president of Samsung announced that the phone is ready to appear in the markets, after I was assured the police to address all the flaws that appeared, however, he refrained from setting a deadline for the expulsion of the phone markets.

The Samsung has decided to pricing the phone at $ 2000, to become the most expensive smartphone in the history of the Korean giant, at least until now .

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