Samsung: Galaxy A90 is coming with a screen, but any bump

The company announced the Samsung informally that it intends to launch a smart phone of the series “galaxy of any” Galaxy A the full-screen with no bump and may not contain any camera, other than what is provided so far in its smart phones.

South Korean company revealed on its own website Indonesia it intends to launch her smart phone associated with the “Galaxy A” Galaxy A90 screen type New Infinity, a phone that comes to be higher than where the specifications of the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A50, which was announced during the past few weeks.

Reported Samsung in its website that the Galaxy A90 will the “screen infinite but the bump” notchless infinity screen, meaning that the phone will be the first phone from the Company screen cover the entire screen perfectly, which means that Samsung will make the camera front popup or abandon it completely, or they present a new technique that allows the inclusion of the camera in the screen with the hide fully.

Referred to to detect the Samsung about the specifications of the Galaxy A90, particularly in relation to the camera comes after reports earlier talked about the front camera in the phone will be a popup similar to the number of phones that have launched over the past months, such as phone Vivo NEX.

Talk delivery also to Galaxy A90 associated with will present a screen without the protrusion with the rotation mechanism or a slippery camera, which is rumored that it will be used Care background, which is strictly 48 MP.

It is also rumored that the Galaxy A90 will come the benefits of strong qualify to be a phone present for lovers of games, have been found on the promotional page for the device on Samsung’s position on the web in the United States has been included within the Ultimate Gaming Devices.

With regard to the rest of the specifications, turn the registry that will be available in Silver, Black, and gold, and will present random access memory “RAM” size 6 or 8 GB, along with memory internal storage capacity of 128 GB. This, and the Samsung on the phone during the event will be held on 10 April next.

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