Samsung Galaxy A 5 680 rubles? Give me two!

Here came Black Friday, the day when American shopping crazy by offering cool products at the lowest prices of the year. But in Russia the sense of this event really is: a bona fide shops organize these sales, and don’t do that first raise and then lower their prices, creating artificial discounts. And within this sale you can purchase variety of Samsung smartphones at affordable prices.

Very good prices SmartPrice offers a servicethat sells and exchanges the “updated” Samsung smartphones that once used, they not only are in good condition — the service also provides warranty for the sold device. Every smartphone passes the diagnostics in the service center.

You can find smartphones in any condition and price range — from A Samsung Galaxy in good condition for a 5 680 rubles to Galaxy A8 Plus in perfect condition, which will cost around 14 000, which is much cheaper than any other store. The range of smartphones in the SmartPrice has grown significantly and as part of the sale are available the entire line of Galaxy A Samsung Galaxy J.

However, SmartPrice sells not only the youngest models of Samsung smartphones, but the newest Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. First in good condition at all you can grab for 27 100 rubles, and the Galaxy S9 Plus 256 GB is cheaper than 38 000.

The main thing — smartphones are available in any state (this basically depends on price), brand SmartPrice packaging. For reliability you should not worry, because after the redemption of all smartphones SmartPrice go to an accredited manufacturer service center for diagnostics and Troubleshooting, if any. Even if the phone something happens, the service provides 90-day warranty. Add to this guaranteed protection from counterfeits that have flooded almost 50 % sold in the secondary market of smartphones, refurbished devices and smartphones that have gone through serious renovation.

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