Samsung fully switch to renewable energy sources by 2020

Samsung has announced plans to translate the work of their American, European and Chinese units on renewable energy within two years. The company has already succeeded considerably in this respect in Korea – where the company has established a 42,000 square meters of solar panels in its Digital City and develops geothermal energy sources in the campuses of Pyongtaek and Hwaseong, which will also be ready by 2020.

Goal Samsung – ambitious but achievable – certainly due to the environmental initiatives of the company’s competitors in its region. Apple States that fully relies on renewable energy, Google compensates the operating costs of energy by wind and sun, T-Mobile recently announced plans to move to 100% renewable energy by 2021. It turns out, Samsung is a bit behind the whales a lot on techniques. However, such a shift has a financial value, considering that renewable energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels in a few years. And though Samsung is a bit late, better late than never.

The researchers say that if we really wanted, then by 2050 nearly three quarters of countries would be able to completely switch to renewable sources of energy.

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