Samsung followed Apple’s footsteps and feature Slofie for the front camera

Presented to us Apple’s new feature to shoot video this year in the iPhone 11 and is filming the video slow Slow Motion in a manner that selfie a feature we saw for the first time and feature entertainment and no more, except that this will not prevent manufacturers of Android phones offered in their phones as they are public.

It seems that Samsung is the first company to offer this feature after Apple, this is where they had appeared in the interface, One UI 2.0 Android update 10 demo, which arrived to the Galaxy S10 research and Notes 10 soon, the following video explains the way new feature:

Samsung thankfully have abandoned the name, which was launched by Apple on this feature is Slofie as between the words Selfie and Slow Motion because it is a little funny! As you can see from the video performance of water is not the best where it appears some hacking in the video, but we must not overlook the fact that this is a BETA version of the system and not the final this is besides that there applications will offer this feature, of course.

Do you care about this feature? And do you have Galaxy S10 or note a 10? We shared right now in the comments..

Source: XDA

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