Samsung foldable will come with a battery smaller than expected, and battery capacity Galaxy A70

Galaxy Foldable

Frequency in the last period to phone Samsung folding the first and currently the name of the Galaxy Fold will have two batteries, but one would have with a capacity of 3000mAh or more. However, the latest information received today says that the battery capacity in the Samsung folding will be much smaller than expected.

The monitoring of two batteries with a capacity 2190mAh for each one, this means that the Samsung foldable will come with batteries with a total capacity of 4380mAh. These batteries carry the names of the model EB-BF900ABU and EB-BF901ABU supposed to be designed for the phone Galaxy F.

Regardless of the Galaxy Fold folding, it has been also detected battery capacity of the Galaxy A70. In fact, this phone will carry a card bearing the name of the model EB-BA705ABU and battery with a capacity of 4400mAh. Thus, this means that the Galaxy A70 will have a larger battery than those that will be used in the phone Galaxy A50, amounting to a capacity of 4000mAh, but still smaller than the battery of Galaxy M20 that frequency that it will model with a capacity of 5000mAh.

Apart from the battery, you will be providing phone Galaxy A70 also the processor Exynos 9610 source using the technology of 10 nm, as it will feature an AMOLED screen, unlike most phones, the Galaxy A Series of new which will be used LCD screens.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that it will detect the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold at day 20 of the month of February next. And yet, there is no official information about the date of the disclosure of the series phones Galaxy A Series New.


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