Samsung figured out how to do fullscreen Galaxy A8s accessible

The production of AMOLED panels for the Galaxy A8s, the first smartphone by Samsung Electronics with front camera hidden right in the display, will take a third-party vendor, the newspaper writes SamMobile, citing informed sources. It will be a Chinese manufacturer of organic matrices BOE Technology, which Samsung expects will fulfill his duty as well as she does. And if not, then at least not be charged for it exorbitant prices.

The main reason why Koreans were forced to apply for the production of displays Infinity style-O a third-party provider, consists in the desire to save money. Screens made with the new technology is very expensive to produce, so their production capacities of subsidiaries Samsung Display will have a negative impact on the price of the final product. At least, so decided the leaders of the mobile division of the company, which recently are aimed at savings.

Displays Infinity-O

BOE Technology is a Chinese manufacturer of displays, whose products, though not widely known, as the solution of Samsung or LG, yet steady demand from local vendors. One of the main partners BOE is the company Huawei, which opted for organic panel Chinese supplier to equip the flagship devices of the line Mate 2018 model year and given their high quality, I must say, it has paid off.

Samsung Wintech

Galaxy A8s is not the first smartphone, which Samsung intends to outsource. As previously reported, in order to save the Chinese vendor has decided to not only abandon build some machines, but even from their design, entrusting this work to the Chinese Corporation Wintech. In Samsung Mobile explained the decision desire to make their products as accessible as possible, which in the conditions of permanent pressure of competitors from China is very difficult to achieve without outside help.

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