Samsung Exynos processor 990 supports rate of 120Hz in the the next generation of smart phones

Samsung revealed today about processor Exynos 990 during the conference Samsung Tech Day 2019, which was held in California, where the processor core EUV resists strictly 7 nm.

Published Korean giant recently teaser for its leaders, today Samsung officially core Exynos processor 990, which applies chip modem 5G know Chip Exynos 5123, which is the first slide that is characterized by the manufacture based on the application of high-volume 5G.

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Come modem chip Exynos 5123 with support of all technology networks 5G, which includes the sub-6GHz, the spectrum of mmWave 5G, and 2G networks, and 3G, and also 4G LTE, as was the adoption of the chip through more than 8 companies laptop so far, also supports the chip load speed of up to 5.1 GB per second with 5G networks, or 3.0 GB per second with the 4G networks.

From another side comes core Exynos processor 990 with the Realtek screen, ARM Mali-G77, which rises on architecture Valhall which are used for the first time in this category, which supports the consumption of the best energy by 20%, also come improvements the best in performance by 20%, and CPU of two cores Cortex-A76 support higher performance, coupled with 4 cores Cortex-A55 perform better in energy consumption.

It also confirms Samsung that the processor Exynos 990 will support the next generation of smart phones at the rate of update in the screen up to 120Hz, to support the display of well-proportioned for employees without interruption in the screen, particularly in the next generation of phones collapsible.

From another side comes core Exynos processor 990 units addressing the new neural or NPU to support the performance of the best in the technique of artificial intelligence, with NPU binary nucleoli, and improvements in digital signal processing to support the implementation of ten trillion operations per second, is expected to support the technique of artificial intelligence faster processing of the data, with facial recognition technology more efficiently, with feature support the realization of the scene and select it with the highest efficiency in the application of the cable car.

Supports core Exynos processor 990 standards LPDDR5 in memory, as the processor supports up to 6 sensors to pray independently, or support the work of the 3 sensors of the image in real time, also can be the processor that supports the sensor 108 mega pixel camera.

Devices that apply later processor Exynos 990

Indicate the impact that the processor Exynos 990 will phones Galaxy S11 which apply next year, with the new generation of the Galaxy Fold folding, as Samsung confirmed that the mass production know Exynos 990 with a chip modem, the Exynos Modem 5123 will officially start at the end of this year.


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