Samsung Exynos processor 9820 holds 2.0 GB LTE unit, the processing of nervous

معالج سامسونج Exynos 9820 يحمل 2.0 جيجابايت LTE ووحدة معالجة عصبية

Samsung has announced on The their new Exynos 9820, which comes advantages of a large company aims to raise the efficiency of its phones leading the next, so that the processor comes with 8 nano-meters and the processing unit nervous help in increasing the speed of the processor is 7 times more than the previous generation so as to carry out operations artificial intelligence and image processing techniques fact.

Samsung says that her therapist Central has fourth-generation nuclear designed particularly to help raise the speed of the device next to the unit Neural Processing, where each core offers greater speed by 20% for addressed the former, as they provide 40% energy efficiency, making operations and between applications more quickly. This nuclear divided into two Cortex-A75 and four Cortex-A55.

Will be core Exynos processor 9820 with graphics processor Mali-G76 and is located in the processor of Huawei’s latest Kirin 980, which is faster by about 40% than the previous generation and provides energy 35% less also, which helps in increasing battery life and improving the quality of the games and techniques located on the devices.

But the thing that represents the significant differences for the processor, is it coming with the module LTE connectivity at a speed of 2.0 GB per second, and the last, the contact module allows analysis of high-quality video and the size is 3.7 GB in 15 seconds.

Besides the advantages of the former, the new processor will support any video MFC, allows to record 4K video and the clarity of UHD at the rate of 150 frames per second or strictly 8K, 30 frames per second.

Recall that the processor Exynos 9820 will begin the production phase with the end of the current year is expected to appear for the first time the Galaxy S10, which will be revealed in the company at the end of February 2019.

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