Samsung explains why smartphones are folding will be the reason for the emergence of a new generation of innovations


Profits began Samsung decline and some believe that the reason is that innovation in the smartphone sector has slowed dramatically. Published the first vice-president of Samsung, Mr. Hark-sang Kim editorial include the reasons that make him think that the opposite is what is happening, and how will new technologies such as 5G, and augmented reality and virtual reality smart phones and more vital in our daily lives.

However, these new technologies rely heavily on large screens, so this has pushed companies to look for ways by which you can increase the size of the screens in smartphones without affecting too much on the overall dimensions of the devices and make them portable as possible. When it comes to at Samsung, they are considered to be young folding is the solution.

This is what was sought by the company in the past years, the company has to disclose the young ladies folding for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show CES held in 2011, it took me the South Korean company seven years to reach the stage that you fired her smart phone the first folding.

Of course, this mission wasn’t easy at all, the company has re-designed smart phones folding from scratch so that I began again to develop new materials to create a screen that can withstand hundreds of thousands of line. Moreover, it has Samsung change the subject of the batteries, and re-design the cooling system, and cameras to keep the phone thin as possible.

In fact, it was Samsung forced you to think in the operating system, applications, current smart phones are not designed to with small screens and large at the same time. It is believed Mr. Hark-sang Kim that screen ” Infinity Flex ” from Samsung will open new horizons to create new concepts for smartphones. In fact, he predicts the occurrence of a significant shift in the designs of smart phones so expect to see devices, folding devices and removable FAO also in the near future.

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