Samsung explain the functions of artificial intelligence mess S10

Always show the word “artificial intelligence” in the press reports relating to the smartphones of the modern, but the question is what is the usefulness of the actual? This is what she replied about Samsung in the report, explaining some of the benefits of artificial intelligence in performance and battery phones Galaxy S10.

Where indicated that there are two systems collaborate on apps open faster, the system first respect on your own patterns, for example, you’re probably running messaging apps after you use the camera, then starts the system in preload messaging apps, as soon as you turn the camera.

And second, is vRamDisk, which is the owner of the main role, pulling the resources that you need apps from the RAM, so saves space to download the app in advance after the Battle of the optimal tension thanks to the first regime, where the Galaxy S10 the S10+ on random access memory with a capacity of 8 gigabytes, the وS10e on random access memory with a capacity of 6 gigabytes, but definitely should not be allowed to for all applications to the waste of resources, here comes the role of the last level which is the App Disabler, which says to turn off apps that you don’t open it for 30 days.

While the system works Adaptive Power Saving with the battery feature adaptive for Android eBay on the battery saver automatically if you stop, the system would be the use of your day heavy, where Samsung aims to allocate resources smoothly and provide the best possible results.

Source: samsung mobile press

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