Samsung evolution TV can be controlled using the ideas

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سامسونج تطور تلفاز يمكن التحكم فيه باستخدام الأفكار

Announced Samsung it is working on the development of the programme gives viewers the possibility to talk to a smart TV by using the ideas, Terms Used Giant South Korean skills in the manufacture of TVs to assist persons with disabilities to live a more normal life, and hopes that you can someday allow people with physical disabilities to easily control the electronics without the help of others, depending on the project named Pontas Project Pontis, which is being implemented with the assistance of the centre of Neurosurgery in the school of Applied Arts in Lausanne EPFL in Switzerland.

The company has revealed recently unveiled a prototype of the system during its developer conference in San Francisco, which may allow users in one day to move between channels and adjust volume level by using their brains instead of their bodies.

Said Ricardo this Ricardo Chavarriaga, the distinguished scientist in EPFL during the meeting: “how can we provide access to persons who cannot speak or who have severe restrictions on their movements,” he added, “We make technology more complex, and more intelligent, but we must not forget that this technique is manufactured to deal with the humans”.

The system uses the brain-computer interface BCI to connect the viewer to your TV, the BCI of the headset is covered with the 64 sensor device to track eye movement, can be headset the recording and analysis of electrical signals generated when you send the cells of the brain messages to each other, and customers, using data from samples of brain, knowing how the mind when thinking, like “change the channel”.

And is the brain-computer interface BCI as a method for direct communication between human brain and computer without having to use a member other physical as the member terminal, where it is called the brain-computer interface for a person to issue orders to any electronic device using brain activity only, which is the only way to communicate for many people who suffer the inability to move sharply, such as quadriplegia.

The system uses the current time information from sensors used to monitor the brainwaves and track eye movements for remote control of the TV and identify choices that are intended to the individual to do, as work the Samsung team scientists of EPFL on the development of another system that allows viewers to interact with television by using brain signals alone, the company plans to test a prototype in Swiss hospitals as early as in early 2019.

The improvement comes after several technology companies another significant investment in the development of research related to the brain, and was in earlier this year revealing film entitled “The Moment” is controlled can keep happening through the brain, where it records the thoughts of the viewer and covers the story based on the response, and the viewer wearing the cap measures the tiny electric signals generated by nerve cells in the brain.

How did Elon Musk Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla in the March 2017 launch of the company Neuralink, which aims to integrate man and machine through the development of something called the “lace of the nervous system” to implant electrodes minutes in the brain may change the ideas one day, the company is initially focusing on the electrode or the technology of the electrodes used by those who suffer from medical conditions chronic.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung Development TV can be controlled using thoughts

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