Samsung development a night shoot to capture better photos in the dark

Samsung intends to rival Google through the techniques of photography, especially Night Mode, which revealed evidence of software they developed to put a night shoot will be great results even in the toughest shooting conditions and darkness.

We saw the camera app that Google submitted on phones, Pixel and potential big shooting night and other imaging techniques are different, and it was accepted by Huawei has put put Night Photography with compensation long phone P20, and there is something similar from Shawty OnePlus, and Samsung will not stand idly by of course.

Revealed evidence of software in the latest Android interface Bay Company is developing a shooting mode with a special night out called Bright Night will launch with the Galaxy S 10.

You say the technique of night photography in the camera apps have the most companies on the principle of capturing several images with and merge them in a single results give better lighting and show the image details even in complete darkness relatively. And don’t think companies here on the flash light only compensation sums, but by the way mentioned trying to capture better images at night.

Likely to be the position of night photography exclusive in principle with the Galaxy S-10 but its going later via the update the camera app in the phones of other leading such as S-9.

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