Samsung developed the techniques of artificial intelligence for medical imaging to diagnose diseases

سامسونج تطور تقنيات ذكاء اصطناعي لأجهزة التصوير الطبي لتشخيص الأمراض - Samsung Medison

Announced Samsung about the new developments in its field of artificial intelligence, where it has developed a variety of techniques that the special medical board, by providing techniques for medical imaging, radiology, to help diagnose diseases.

And new techniques to identify diseases by 83%-87% as soon as the export based on the logarithmic prior on the diagnosis of each disease, so that the related hardware to form the image, and then determine the type of sickness expected according to the results and analysis by using artificial intelligence techniques that will be used in the devices of Samsung Medison.

Maybe it looks strange for the majority far from the medical field, but Samsung’s Korean development since 1985 diagnostic medical imaging within a subsidiary on behalf of Samsung Medison.

Techniques include artificial intelligence developed by the company put it in its organs, ultrasound (ultrasound) and radiography, CT scan, and MRI.

The company aims through these techniques currently, to help experienced doctors that do not exceed 4 years to diagnose diseases faster.

While new technologies centered around certain diseases such as the diagnosis of cancer of the breast, lungs and bronchi, however the company has stated its work on the launch of new technologies for diseases such as arthritis and inflammation of of its soon.

Recall that Samsung has developed a$ 22 million development of artificial intelligence techniques in all areas of next generation technologies V Communications, it seems that the beginning of its investment promising.

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