Samsung demonstrated a foldable smartphone

However, while this is only a prototype, however, the final device we can imagine in the next year.

Yesterday evening was held a conference for developers, Samsung Developer Conference. One of the most interesting moments of the event was the demonstration of a foldable smartphone. To be more precise, it’s sort of a hybrid smartphone and tablet, because in the expanded state the value of Infinity Flex Display is 7.3″. In the folded embodiment, the activated 4.58″ “smartphone” display.

As for the specifications of display, 7.3″ screen has a resolution of 1536х2152 points and the aspect ratio is 4.2:3; 4.58″ display – 840х1960 pixels and 21:9, respectively. Infinity Flex Display is covered with a protective layer of a special polymer.

As seen in the images, a prototype foldable smartphone while hardly a work option. It is quite thick, has a large frame and so far is not very clear what is its main advantages. Samsung said that on the big screen can display up to three applications (Multi-Active Window). But I think for the official release of the smartphone on the market, which is scheduled for 2019, we will tell you more about all the possibilities and advantages in comparison with conventional devices.

Sources: Ben Geskin, The Verge

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