Samsung decided to release Galaxy Note 10 available. Why is it a bad idea

Among manufacturers of smartphones one time it was fashionable to release an affordable version of the flagship. These devices though, and had nothing to do with their prototypes, except that the similarities in appearance, they wore the name with some additional PostScript like mini, Neo or Lite. However, at some point it became clear that this idea is not as promising as first thought, but it was quickly abandoned almost all. However, with a light supply of Apple simplified the concept of the flagship is back on the market, albeit in a slightly different form, instantly taking mind Samsung, are accustomed to not looking to copy the company from Cupertino everything.

Galaxy Note 10 might be cheaper

Samsung is preparing to release for sale a simplified version of Galaxy Note 10 reduced relative to the original model price. Most likely, the novelty will be similar to the Galaxy S10e, which has been conventionally available a modification of the classic S10 and instantly won the love of consumers. Apparently, so the Koreans decided that it would be appropriate to pull the same trick with a line of phablets, extending her model, which is destined to be a bestseller among those who cannot or do not want to spend on a smartphone for a thousand dollars.

Galaxy Note 10 Neo — what is it

However, unlike the Galaxy S10e, simplified Galaxy Note 10 not so simple. It has an index of SM-N770, while the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ — SM-N9xx. It would seem, so what? However, the numbering of seven began at the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which Samsung released in 2013. This camera though had the appearance of the original model, in technical terms inferior to her very noticeable. Most in the eye six-core processor middling, which replaced the eight-core flagship chip.

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This information though does not carry any evidence persistently suggests that novelty, which we expect may be simplified too much. On the one hand, it’s not bad. After all, if before the flagship processor was a kind of guarantee high performance smartphone, now available even chips machines provide a high level of performance, which is enough for games, and for shooting videos in 4K, and much more. So maybe users will not notice a big difference.

Available Galaxy Note 10

But, on the other hand, if Samsung will replace only the processor and maybe slightly cut back on the RAM, leaving the rest of the stuffing to reduce the price of the smartphone is very much it will not succeed. The result is a stripped-down Galaxy Note 10 would cost 800-850 to $ 950 dollars from the classical model. Not such a big difference, to consciously agree to the purchase of an inferior flagship, which simplified Galaxy Note 10 will be considered. So many people decide that it is better a bit of digging and get the original.

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But with the iPhone and Galaxy XR S10e no such feeling. Still affected by the presence of iron in the flagship might not be as advanced as a real flagship appearance. The people were ready to tolerate a minimal set of cameras and a slightly simplified design, in the knowledge that you are using devices with flagship hardware. Now the main thing that Samsung realized this and did not repeat their mistakes. After all, in the end, the same Galaxy S10e today is just over 30 thousand, and those who are willing to compromise, more likely to choose it than a stripped-down Galaxy Note 10 for 45.

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