Samsung cuts production of screens for iPhone x falling demand



After that Apple decided to reduce the quantities of her iPhone X, of the product to reduce Samsung producing OLED screens used in them. It is expected to reach this reduction by up to 50%.

According to sources, Samsung was planning to manufacture between 40-50 million screen iPhone, but this figure will be adjusted to 20 million screen or less during the first quarter of the current year.

And decide the Apple TV after its plan of production in the second quarter of the year, but it is not excluded that there will be a further reduction. She had reduced Apple production gradually over the previous period to reach half of the production compared to the launch of the phone the first time because of falling demand.

It is worth noting that the energy productivity Samsung of OLED screens is enough for more than a request to Apple so they were manufactured for other companies, but further cuts mean a negative impact on the company’s revenue because they will find new customers with greater difficulty, especially that no one releases large amounts as do Apple.

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